the new boat

Partly cloudy, 69 degrees
Humidity 53%
Dew Point 70 degrees
Wind N @ 5-10 mph
Forecast: Clearing, 70% chance of perch

OK….we love fishing. Even Hilary….well Hilary is not too big on fishing, but she  loves going out in the boat. At the end of last year’s harvest we talked about getting some inner tubes and ski rope.  Bruce swears that the boat will pull folks, maybe not as fast as the one’s we see going by on the lake, but fast enough to get wet. Then last Fall the boat got sold.
To make room for the new boat.
It may not be quite as Moosey as the 8330 but its right up there with the 8310.
Hilary and i stated looking online for large inner tubes. Found a bunch, naturally enough, at tractor supply websites. They are certainly big enough to have fun with, but they have that big valve stem, great for clamping a scuba diving flag on, but a bit in the way when skimming across the water at R17….’R is a velocity measure, defined as a reasonable speed of travel that is consistent with health, mental well-being and not being more than, say five minutes late. R17 is not a fixed velocity, but it is clearly far too fast.’ (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy).
The new boat will do R22.

Decided to check out; ‘water sport inner tubes’.  Whoa!  There’s a whole industry….and they are called ‘towables’…..who knew.
These ‘tubes’ start off more or less the same price as tractor inner tubes, but then go up depending on the size, shape, color, etc.  They are all colors. They are tire shaped, sled shaped, fish shaped, wedge shaped, banana shaped.  Some the rider holds on, some the rider sits up. They come in one, two, three, four and six rider models.
We clearly have some work cut out for us between now and lake time.
Oh ya’ this started out about fishing.
Clayton Michael and Bruce have been out several times with the new boat and it is a great fishing vessel. First thing to do this Summer is add a good coat of Clayton Michael’s special fish-attracting-wax and head out to the lake. Not actually sure what it is about the wax but last Sumer we gave the old boat a good coat and had an awesome day on the lake. Just like wearing ‘your special fishing shirt’ it is better not to look too deeply into the ‘why’ and just go with it.

the new boat

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